London Monthiversary

I’ve been living in London for a month now! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. And even though I’ve been here a WHOPPING 31 days (lol), each day there are still things that make me ask myself the all-encompassing question: “what is my life?” Don’t worry, I am by no means in London as part of an existential mission to uncover the meaning of life or anything. Here are some examples of things I’ve done in the past couple weeks to show you what I mean by “what is my life?”:

1. Saw Ed Sheeran in concert at the FREAKING O2 ARENA.IMG_3167

As you can probably tell from the background, this pic was taken during “Lego House.”

Holy shit. He is mindblowingly amazing live. He is also living proof that male gingers can totally rap. Definitely husband material 😉

2. Went on a day trip to Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford.

Windsor = The Queen’s Hau5.

Stonehenge = Those cool-looking rocks you’ve probably seen in a million photos but don’t actually know the name of.

Oxford = A city with the most majestic university, which is featured in many Harry Potter scenes.

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 10.29.49 PM

3. Spontaneously booked a trip to Glasgow next weekend.

Just a casual trip to Scotland, ya know, bc why not? It’s literally quicker and cheaper than the train from Toronto to Kingston, just to give you some perspective.

4. Ordered tickets to the BBC Radio 1 Music Awards.

Performers will include One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, and Clean Bandit. Fucking pumped is an understatement.

So yeah, basically, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS MY LIFE?

In Other News…

After a month of living in a hostel where barely anyone speaks English, and a month of miserably searching for a flat, I have finally found one!!! It’s in Camden Town and I will be living with a British guy and a French girl. Moving in 2 weeks wooohooo!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Britbound Halloween boat party which should be ridiculously cray cray and hilarious. Hoping the combination of alcohol consumption and being on the actual Thames doesn’t cause me to puke over the side of the boat (although that would make quite the story).

A Funny Story:

So since I’ve started staying in Notting Hill, a few tourists have approached me asking for directions to Hugh Grant’s bookshop from Notting Hill. I sort of inherently judged them for seeking out a bookshop from a 15-year-old fictional movie. However, yesterday, during a nice evening stroll through the Portobello Market, I stumbled upon the shop which the film was based on! My humblest apologies to the tourists.

Transport Troubles

Today I took a bus for half an hour in the wrong direction. Lol WHOOPS.

And on a somewhat related note, here is a link to my latest BuzzFeed article, which hopefully will help you comprehend the horrors of the London Underground:

Until next post!


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