2 Months in London!

It seems I’ve been neglecting my blog in the past few weeks. Sorry for leaving you guys hangin’ 😉 Now bear with me as a try to recount the past four weeks’ events.


After approx. a month of yucky toilets, living out of a suitcase, and longing for a room of my own, I have finally moved into my flat! And after countless weeks of sleeping in a bed that I literally almost rolled off of every single night due to its minuscule size, it sure as hell is nice to have a normal size bed. Camden is a great area with lots of fun bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, Camden also seems to be the home of some noisy-ass birds that enjoy waking me up every morning -_-


In between the hostel and the flat, I took a weekend trip to Glasgow to see the lovely Laura McVey. It was so great to go back to Glasgow and return to favourite spots such as The Counting House, Willow Tea Rooms, and Bamboo – it really felt like home! Of course, a trip to Glasgow wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory viewing of a street performance by Clanadonia, led by the almighty Grass Hat!




Last week I decided to spend a lovely Wednesday afternoon with myself and see Book of Mormon in London. Words cannot describe how utterly hilarious it was. Tears of laughter streaming down my face and all. If you have not seen it yet, well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


I went to see some fireworks for Guy Fawkes day, which had the potential to be very fun indeed. But then it started torrentially pouring, thus ruining the fun. Thank you London.


This coming weekend I’m doing a Monopoly & Christmas themed DAYTIME pubcrawl with Britbound. Needless to say, it’s going to be cray cray. I’ve got my ugly Christmas sweater from Primark so I’m basically set.


For the past few days my throat has felt like it is being stabbed by a million knives, so today I did the unthinkable and and called in sick to work. ~GASP~ Instead of going to work, I was a big girl and went on a mission to the doctor’s office to get some medicine. *Pats self on back*.


Moving into a new flat and not knowing how to turn on a manually-lit gas stove. Literally ALL THE STRUGGLEZZZ. #imforeign


So today it was announced that Ed Sheeran (as well as T-Swift and Ariana Grande but idgaf) is going to be performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London. Well guess what?! It just so happens that I’M going to be working at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!! Ed, I think this was meant to be. Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match plz 😉

OK, well I think I covered all the important details of the past few weeks. Thanks for tuning in to the latest happenings of my UKrazy Adventure!


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