Winter Staycation

It’s almost the end of Feb and I’ve only just realized that I have yet to write a blog post in 2015. Shame on me!!!! So here goes…

*takes deep breath*

National Television Awards

Back in Jan, I had the opportunity to work at the National Television Awards (aka trashy tv awards, no offence hehe). Needless to say, it was quite a crazy night! Every British D-list celeb you could possibly imagine was at that event, drunk off their faces. Some of the guests included Graham Norton, Keith Lemon, the Geordie Shore cast, the Great British Bake Off peeps, and many many more. Maisie Williams was also there repping the Stark fam. Oh yeah, and Jeremy Kyle asked me if he could take his drink outside and then proceeded to run away before I could open my mouth to answer the question. Sheesh. Overall, twas a very fun but very tiring night.

Winter Staycation

February has basically been my staycation month, which I definitely can’t complain about (minus the fact that no work = no money hah 😦 ) Aside from a few shifts at work here and there, I have basically been playing tour guide or tourist all month thus far. It started off with a lovely wee visit from Laura McVey all the way from good ol’ Glasgow. #alcoholisfree, as per usual.


Czeching out Prague

Linda and I had a little getaway to Prague. We found flights for £39 return, which is cheap as chips, so basically you cannae say nae to that. Gotta love budget Eastern European airlines that will only let you take a small knapsack on board unless you want to pay £12! Our few days in Prague were filled with beer, beef goulash, and endless trip across the Charles Bridge. My poor limbs were definitely feeling the burn by the end of this trip, but it was worth it because Prague is such a beautiful city.

Our first lunch in Prague consisted of beef goulash, bread dumplings, and beers as big as our faces. At the end of our meal, we asked our waiter for the bill. He went away, and shortly after, a different waiter arrived at our table and confidently declared: “Hi, I’m Bill!” Ha. Ha. Our faces be like: -__- …Well, whether they were serious or simply taking the piss shall forever remain a mystery. They also gave us roses at the end. Whether they gave roses to every guest or just to us shall forever remain a mystery as well.IMG_3786

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


The Oplers in London

This past week, my family came to visit me in London! And as you may be aware, it is never a dull moment when the Oplers are together. Naturally, we did all the toursity London things. We road the London Eye. We ate some cereal at the Cereal Killer Cafe. We watched the guards change. We even went clubbing in Camden!! Just kidding lolz. But we did take plenty of selfies. I think our selfie-taking game is quite strong tbh.


**NOTE: no selfie sticks were used in the taking of this photo, who do you think we are?!??

The rest of Feb

It’s hard to believe that Feb has come and gone so quickly. Can time just slow the f00k down please and thank you?? Luckily, I still have a few more exciting events to look forward to this month. Tomorrow, Maxi and Simon from exchange are coming to visit me in London. I haven’t seen them in 2 years so it should be bundles o’ fun! And next week, I am working at the (drumroll please)… BRITs!! Oh gawd, I hope the BRITs don’t disappoint or I will be quite a sad individual. And most of all, I hope I actually manage to at least catch a mere GLIMPSE of Ed Sheeran, if not have him fall in love with me at first sight. Pray 4 me!!!


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